For many of those who build a house, building earthquake-resistance criteria must be a determining factor in choosing the type of structure and the materials used.

Naturally we wonder why some buildings have a longer life than others. One of the main reasons is the structure of the building, a building structure that sustains the entire weight of the building and its role is to transmit these weights evenly on earth.

DuctilTech optimizes any draft resistance structure to minimize the consumption of material resources, human and technology but without compromising the quality, stability and strength of the building.

Our projects contain all the necessary documentation to obtain a building permit for construction including plan arrangement and reinforcement foundations, plates, columns, beams, stairs, framing plans, reinforcing statements, bills of quantities, technical report, plan of excavation.

Design concrete structure

It is one of the most used types of structure and consists mainly of slabs, beams and columns. The basic principle is: the first weight is taken concrete floors, which in turn is supported by beams, which are supported on poles, posts on foundations and foundations on the earth… more

Design wooden structure

Perhaps the oldest type of structure, is currently used for housing ladder becoming wider. Principle of transmission of weights is the same as that of frame structures, except that the material used is wood. The raw material is readily available and easy to more

Design steel structures

Metal structures can be use in any project: houses, attics, partitions, construction placed in inaccessible places, houses, shops, restaurants, motels, shops, warehouses, industrial buildings, separate structures for roofs, balconies, ¬†garages and other outbuildings…read more